Learning from MacIntyre

University of Durham, UK, July 1-4 2018

The 12th annual conference of The International Society for MacIntyrean Enquiry

Conference Secretaries: Ron Beadle and Geoff Moore

The Conference Theme is ‘Learning from MacIntyre’. We are particularly looking for papers that do one or more of the following, although papers related to other areas and applications of MacIntyre’s work are also welcome: 1. Review how MacIntyre’s theses and arguments have been used and challenged within particular disciplines 2. Show how other disciplines might learn from these uses 3. Suggest an agenda for future work that seeks to defend, extend and apply MacIntyre’s theses and arguments 4. Relate MacIntyre’s theses and arguments to practices and political activism We hope to see a wide range of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary work at the conference, including but not limited to: Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Action, Theology, Thomism, Marxism, Critical Theory, Education, Business, Organization, Medicine, Law, Sociology and Communication.