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Review of Immanuel Kant: Ontologie und Wissenshaftstheorie by Gottfried MartinDownside Review 71 (1953), 199-201.
Review of The Meaning of Existence by Dom Mark Pontifex and Dom Illtyd TrethowenDownside Review 71 (1953), 452-454.


Review of The Meaning of Existence by Dom Mark Pontifex and Dom Illtyd Trethowen. Philosophical Quarterly 4 (1954), 286-287.
Review of The Transformation of the Scientific World View and Christian Faith and Natural Science by Karl HeimPhilosophy 29 (1954), 264-265.


Review of An Essay on Christian Philosophy by Illtyd TrethowenPhilosophical Quarterly 6 (1956), 378-379.
Review of Subject and Object in Modern Theology by James BrownJournal of Theological Studies 7 (1956), 340-342.
Review of Karl Marx: Selected Writings in Sociology and Social Philosophy, ed. T.B. Bottomore and M. Rubel and Philosophy, Politics and Society, ed. Peter LaslettSociological Review 4 (1956), 265-266.


"The Algebra of the Revolution [Review of Marxism and Freedom by Raya Dunayevskaya]," Universities and Left Review 5 (Autumn 1958), 79-80.
Review of Faith, Reason and Existence by John A. HutchisonMind 67 (1958), 283-284.


Review of For Faith and Freedom by L. HodgsonPhilosophy 34 (1959), 82-83.
"Symptoms of Disease [Review of Social Theory and Christian Thought by W. Start]," New Statesman, Feb. 7, 1959.
"God and Conic Sections [Review of Blaise Pascal: the Life and Work of a Realist by E. Mortimer]," New Statesman, Apr. 1, 1959.
"Telling Our Dreams [Review of Dreaming by Norman Malcolm]," New Statesman, July 11, 1959, 54-55.
"The Claims of Philosophy [Review of Thought and Action by Stuart Hampshire]," New Statesman, July 18, 1959, 85-86.
"Straw Man of the Age [Review of The Establishment, ed. Hugh Thomas]," New Statesman, Oct. 3, 1959, 433-434.
"The Hunt is Up [Review of Words and Things by E. Gellner]," New Statesman, Oct. 31, 1959, 597-598.
"No Dilemma for the Archbishop [Review of Cyril Forster Garbet by C. Smyth]," New Statesman, Dec. 5, 1959.
"Resurrecting an Ancestor [Review of F.H. Bradley by R. Wolheim]," New Statesman, Dec. 19, 1959, 886-887.
"Marcuse, Marxism and the Monolith [Review of Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis by Herbert Marcuse]," New Reasoner 9 (1959), 139-140.
Review of Faith and Logic, ed. Basil MitchellPhilosophical Quarterly 9 (1959), 90-91.

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"Philosopher of Reaction [Review of The Life and Opinions of T.E. Hulme by A.R. Jones]," New Statesman, May 21, 1960.
"Huxley and Humanism [Review of Collected Essays by A. Huxley]," New Statesman, Oct. 22, 1960.
"The Barricades of Art [Review of Permanent Red by J. Berger]," New Statesman, Oct. 29, 1960, 664.
"The Pen and the Sword [Review of The Writer and the Commissar by George Paloczi-Horvath]," International Socialism 3 (Winter 1960-61), 29-30.
Review of History and Eschatology by Rudolf BultmannPhilosophical Quarterly 10 (1960), 92-93.


"The Man who Answered the Irish Question [Review of The Life and Times of James Connolly by C. Desmond Greaves]," New Left Review 8 (Mar.-Apr. 1961), 66-67.
"Unveiled or Unmasked [Review of The Teachings of Gurdjieff by C.S. Nott]," The Guardian, May 19, 1961.
"Philosophical Phoenix [Review of Sensation and Perception by D.W. Hamlyn and Inductive Probability by J.P. Day]," The Guardian, Jun 2, 1961.
"A Subject of Scandal and Concern [Review of The Humanist Frame by Julian Huxley]," The Guardian, Oct 6, 1961.
"A Philosophical Classic [Review of Sense and Sensibilia by J.L. Austin]," The Guardian, Feb 2, 1961.
"Beyond Max Weber? [Review of An Introduction to the Philosophy of History]," New Statesman, Feb. 3, 1961.
"Irrational Book [Review of Irrational Man by W. Barrett]," New Statesman, Feb. 17, 1961.
"Iron Rationalism [Review of Evolution and Progress by M. Ginsburg]," New Statesman, Apr. 7, 1961.
“Ehrenburg Explains [Review of People and Life by I. Ehrenberg, Dissonant Voices in Soviet Literature, ed. P. Black and M. Hayward, and A Leaf of Spring by A.S. Yessenin-Volpin],” New Statesman, Sept. 15, 1961.
"Culture and Revolution [Review of Culture and Revolution, 1780-1950 and The Long Revolution by R. Williams]," International Socialism, First series 5 (Summer 1961), 28.


"Sartre on Emotion [Review of Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions by Jean-Paul Sartre]," The Guardian, Jul 20, 1962.
"Cold Intensities [Review of The Decline of the West by O. Spengler]," New Statesman, March 23, 1962.
"Stalin and History [Review of Stalin by Isaac Deutscher]," International Socialism, First Series, 8 (Spring 1962), 32-33.
"Disengagement [Review of Ionesco by Richard Coe]," International Socialism, First Series, 8 (Spring 1962), 33.
"Trotsky [Review of Literature and Revolution by Leon Trotsky]," International Socialism, First Series, 8 (Spring 1962), 33.
"The Factory [Review of The Anatomy of Work by G. Friedman]," International Socialism, First Series, 9 (Spring 1962), 29.
Review of Religious Belief by C. B. MartinPhilosophical Quarterly 12 (1962), 288.


God and the Theologians," [Review of Honest to God by John Robinson] Encounter, 21:3 (Sept. 1963), 3-10.
"Trotsky in Exile [Review of The Prophet Outcast by Isaac Deutscher]," Encounter 21:6 (Dec. 1963), 73-78.
Review of Freedom and Immortality by Ian T. RamseyPhilosophical Quarterly 13 (1963), 182-183.
"Philosophical Counter-Revolution [Review of Clarity is Not Enough, ed. H.D. Lewis]," The Guardian, May 24, 1963.
"Towards a Theory of Political Science [Review of Social Science and Political Theory by W.G. Runcimann, The Pure Theory of Politics by Bertrand de Jouvenel, and The Nature and Limits of Political Science by Maurice Cowling]," The Guardian, Jun 28, 1963.
"Making Up Minds [Review of The Concept of a Person by A.J. Ayer]," The Guardian, Sep 13, 1963.
"What is it? [Review of The Liberal Mind by Kenneth Minogue]," The Guardian, Dec 20, 1963.
"Awful Warning [Review of Inventing the Future by Dennis Gabor]," New Statesman, 22 March 1963.
"True Voice [Review of Memoirs of a Revolutionary by Victor Serge]," New Statesman, 30 August 1963.
"Marx and Morals [Review of The Ethical Foundations of Marxism by Eugene Kamenka]," International Socialism, First Series 14 (Summer 1963), 35.


"Christians and Atheists [Review of Saving Belief by Austin Farrer, The Christian Belief in God by Daniel Jenkins, and An Atheist’s Values by Richard Robinson]," The Guardian, Feb 12, 1964.
"History and the Philosophers [Review of Philosophy and the Historical Understanding by W.B. Gallie]," The Guardian, Feb 21, 1964.
"Raising a Dead Philosopher [Review of T.H. Green and His Age by Melvin Richter]," The Guardian, Aug 7, 1964.
"Intellectual Olive Branch [Review of The Secular Promise by Martin Jarrett-Kerr]," The Guardian, Oct 9, 1964.
"Guide Through a Maze [Review of A Companion to Wittgenstein's Tractatus by Max Black]," Guardian, Oct. 23 1964, 13.
"Freud as Moralist [Review of The Letters of Sigmund Freud and Oskar Pfister edited by Heinrich Meng and Ernst L. Freud]," New York Review of Books, Feb. 20, 1964, 7.
"The Socialism of R. H. Tawney [Review of The Radical Tradition, by R. H. Tawney]," New York Review of Books, July 30 1964, 21-22.
"After Hegel [Review of From Hegel to Nietzsche by Karl Löwith]," New York Review of Books, Sept. 24 1964, 15-16.
"Violence and All That Jazz [Review of Terrorism and Communism by L.D. Trotsky and Many Slippery Errors by Alfred Grossman]," International Socialism, First Series, 19, Winter 1964-65.


"Weber at his Weakest [Review of The Sociology of Religion by Max Weber]," Encounter 25:5 (Nov. 1965), 85-87.
"Marxist Mask & Romantic Face: Lukács on Thomas Mann [Review of Essays on Thomas Mann by Georg Lukács]," Encounter 24:4 (April 1965), 64-72.
"Irrational Man [Review of Man and His Symbols edited by C. G. Jung and Outline of a Jungian Aesthetics by Morris Philipson]," New York Review of Books, Feb. 25, 1965, 5-6.
"Modern Society: An End to Revolt? [Review of One-Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse]," Dissent 12:2 (1965), 239-244.
Review of Language, Logic and God by Frederick FerréPhilosophical Quarterly 15 (1965), 284-285.
"Behan's Book [Review of With Breast Expanded by Brian Behan]," International Socialism, First Series, 21, Summer 1965.
"Liberal Marx [Review of Karl Marx by I. Berlin]," International Socialism, First Series, 21, Summer 1965.
"Only Parts [Review of The Essential Trotsky]," International Socialism, First Series, 21, Summer 1965.
"Saying the Unsayable [Review of Experience and Religion by Nicholas Mosley]," The Observer, Feb 7, 1965.
"Riesman Revisited [Review of Faces in the Crowd by David Riesman in collaboration with Nathan Glazer]," The Guardian, Jul 9, 1965.
"Seen From the American Left [Review of The Accidental Century by Michael Harrington]," The Guardian, Jan 21, 1965.


"Inequality [Review of Relative Deprivation and Social Justice by W.G. Runciman]," The Guardian, May 27, 1966.
"Morality Since Freud [Review of The Triumph of the Therapeutic by Philip Rieff]," The Guardian, Jul 15, 1966.
"Hegel's Shadow [Review of Hegel: Reinterpretation, Texts, and Commentary by Walter Kaufmann]," The Guardian, Sep 16, 1966.
"Platitudes in Search of Politics [Review of Contemporary French Political Thought by Roy Pierce],"  The Guardian, Sep 23, 1966.
"How Not To [Review of Christianity and the Affluent Society by Reginald Fuller and Brian Rice],"  The Guardian, Nov 4, 1966.
"A Kind of Atheism [Review of God and Philosophy by Anthony Flew]," Manchester Guardian, July 1966.
"Modern Times [Review of An Introduction to Contemporary History by Geoffrey Barraclough and Power and Human Destiny by Herbert Rosinski]," New York Review of Books, Mar. 17, 1966, 24-26. 


"All Murderes and Prostitutes? [Review of The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise by R.D. Laing]," The Observer, Jan 29, 1967.
"Educator and Crusader [Review of The Art of the Soluble by Peter Medawar]," The Observer, Feb 19, 1967.
"Recipes for Prophecy [Review of The Art of Conjecture by Bertrand de Jouvenal]," The Guardian, May 26, 1967.
"Marx Into Marxism [Review of Essential Writings of Karl Marx edited by David Caute and Marxism in the Modern World by Milorad Drachkovitch]," The Guardian, Jun 2, 1967.
"Wisdom and Folly [Review of Bertrand Russell: Philosopher of the Century by Ralph Schoenman]," The Observer, Jul 23, 1967.
"Machines and Morals [Review of The Myth of the Machine by Lewis Mumford]," The Observer, Nov 26, 1967.
"The Rights of Man [Review of Political Theory and the Rights of Man by D.D. Raphael]," The Guardian, Dec 1, 1967.
"The Well-Dressed Theologian [Review of The New Theologians by Ved Mehta]," Encounter 28:3 (Mar. 1967), 76-78.
"Emasculating History: On Mazlish's 'Riddle' [Review of The Riddle of History by Bruce Mazlish]," Encounter 29:2 (Aug. 1967), 78-80.
Review of Closed Systems and Open Minds: The Limits of Naivety in Social Anthropology edited by Max GluckmanPhilosophical Quarterly 17 (1967), 371.
Review of The Savage Mind by Claude Lévi-StraussPhilosophical Quarterly 17 (1967), 372.
Review of Exchange and Power in Social Life by Peter BlauSociology 1 (1967), 199-201.


Review of Philosophy of Social Science by Richard RudnerBritish Journal for the Philosophy of Science 18 (1968), 344-345.
"New Clues to Wittgenstein [Review of Letters from Ludwig Wittgenstein by Paul Engelmann]," The Guardian, Jan 12, 1968.
"Problems of Punishment [Review of Punishment and Responsibility by H.L.A. Hart]," The Observer, Feb 4, 1968.
"What is to be Done Now? [Review of May Day Manifesto 1968 edited by Raymond Williams]," The Guardian, May 3, 1968.
"Sociological Ancestors [Review of Main Currents in Sociological Thought, vol. 2 by Raymond Aron]," The Observer, Jun 16, 1968.
"One Man's View of Hiroshima [Review of Death in Life: The Survivors of Hiroshima by R.J. Lifton]," The Observer, Sep 8, 1968.
"Mailer for President [Review of The Armies of the Night by Norman Mailer]," The Guardian, Sep 20, 1968.
"The Pragmatists [Review of The Origins of Pragmatism by A.J. Ayer]," The Observer, Sep 29, 1968.
"Marcuse's Mistakes [Review of Negations by Herbert Marcuse]," The Guardian, Nov 1, 1968.
"Doubts About Koestler [Review of Drinkers of Infinity: Essays 1955-67 by Arthur Koestler]," Listener 2059 (1968), 342.
"In Place of Harold Wilson? [Review of The Politics of Harold Wilson by Paul Foot and Matters of Principle: Labour's Last Chance edited by Tyrrell Burgess]," Listener 2063 (Oct. 10, 1968), 476.
"Technocratic Smokescreen [Review of Technocracy by Jean Meynaud]," Listener 2070 (Nov. 28, 1968), 723-724.
"How to Write About Lenin – and How Not To [Review of Lenin: The Man, The Theorist, The Leader edited by Leonard Shapiro and Peter Reddaway]," Encounter 30:5 (May 1968), 71-74.
"Son of Ideology [Review of The Concept of Ideology and Other Essays by George Lichtheim]," New York Review of Books, May 9, 1968, 26-28.
Review of The Phenomenology of the Social World by A. SchutzSociological Review 16:2 (July 1968), 269-271.
"Future Unpredictable? [Review of Progress and Disillusion by Raymond Aron]" New Statesman, Aug. 16, 1968.
"Living or Dead? [Review of The Sociology of Weber by Julien Freund and The Sociology of Marx by H. Lefebvre]," New Statesman, Sept. 27, 1968.
"Le Rouge et le Noir [Review of Obsolete Communism: The Left Wing Alternative by Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Democracy and the Student Left by George Kennan]," New Statesman, Nov. 22, 1968.
"Workers & Politics [Review of Angels in Marble by Robert McKenzie and Allan Silver and The Affluent Worker: Industrial Attitudes and Behavior and The Affluent Worker: Political Attitudes and Behavior by J.H. Goldthorpe, D. Lockwood, F. Bechhofer and J. Platt]," New Statesman, Dec. 27, 1968.
Review of Twenty Letters to a Friend by Svetlana AlliluyevaYale Law Journal 77 (1968), 1032-1036.


"Philosophy & Sanity: Nietzsche's Titanism [Review of The Will to Power by Friedrich Nietzsche, trans. Walter Kaufmann and R. J. Hollingdale]," Encounter 32:4 (Apr. 1969), 79-82.
"Made in the USA [Review of International Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences edited by David Sills]," New York Review of Books, Feb. 27, 1969, 14-16.
"Marxism of the Will [Review of Venceremos! The Speeches and Writings of Che Guevara edited by John Gerassi, Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War by Che Guevara, The Complete Bolivian Diaries of Che Guevara edited by Daniel James, My Friend Che by Ricardo Rojo, Revolution in the Revolution by Regis Debray, and The Communists and the Peace by Jean-Paul Sartre]," Partisan Review 36 (1969), 128-133.
"From Zutphen to Armageddon [Review of A Dictionary of Battles by David Eggenbegger]," New Statesman, Jan. 3, 1969.
"Lumps of Thought [Review of The Founding Fathers of Social Science edited by Timothy Raison]," New Statesman, Jan. 31, 1969.
"The Self as Work of Art [Review of The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life and Where the Action Is by E. Goffman]," New Statesman, Mar. 28, 1969, 447-448.
"On Marcuse [Review of An Essay on Liberation by Herbert Marcuse]," New York Review of Books, Oct. 23, 1969, 37-8.
Review of Theory and Methods of Social Research by John GaltungBritish Journal for the Philosophy of Science 20 (1969), 173-174.
Review of Readings in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences edited by May BrodbeckBritish Journal for the Philosophy of Science 20 (1969), 174-175.

* * *


Review of Confrontation by Daniel Bell and Irving Kristol, University in Turmoil by Immanuel Wallersterin, and Higher Education in Social Psychology edited by Sven LundstedtThe American Journal of Sociology 75 (1970), 562-564.


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"Finding the Center [Review of Narrative Poetry of the Zuni Indians, trans. Dennis Tedlock]," New York Times Review of Books, Dec 24, 1972.


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Review of Touch The Earth by T.C. McLuhan. Landscape Architecture 64:2, (1974), 73.
"Durkheim's Call to Order [Review of Émile Durkheim: His Life and Work by Steven Lukes]," New York Review of Books, Mar. 7 1974, 25-26.


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"Jane's Fighting Ships [Review of Jane Austen and the War of Ideas by Marilyn Butler]," New Statesman, Oct. 24, 1975, 508-509.


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* * *


"The Wrong Questions to Ask About War [Review of The Ethics of War by Barrie Paskins and Michael Dockrill]," Hastings Center Report 10:6 (Dec. 1980), 40-41.
"Ayer, Anscombe and Empiricism [Review of Perception and Identity: Essays Presented to A. J. Ayer with his Replies to Them edited by G. E. MacDonald and Intention and Intentionality: Essays in Honour of G. E. M. Anscombe edited by Cora Diamond and Jenny Teichman]," London Review of Books, April 7, 1980, 9-10.
"Alasdair MacIntyre on the Claims of Philosophy [Review of Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature by Richard Rorty, The Claim of Reason by Stanley Cavell, and Philosophy As It Is by Ted Honderich and Myles Burnyeat]," London Review of Books, June 5-18, 1980, 15-16.
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* * *


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